SHRM Group

The SHRM Group of Companies (“SHRM”) has evolved since the early 1990s into a highly specialised provider of trust and corporate services.

Our offices are situated in four different continents and span the world’s major time zones.

At SHRM we operate a ‘boutique’ trust company working in conjunction with our clients to help deliver a bespoke solution to their trust and/or corporate needs.

Our inter-connected offices are located in Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands (“BVI”), HongKong, and New Zealand, affording us the opportunity to offer a broad spectrum of products and services to comprehensively service our clients’ financially diverse and often dynamic circumstances. 

Professional Overview

Our commercial expertise and knowledge coupled with our network of professional relationships allow us to fully utilise the benefits provided by the financial centres from which we operate.  Commitment to our clients is second to none.

Our team of experienced professionals have actively worked and been involved in the financial services industry for many years and unlike many of our larger competitors the shareholders of our organisation are directly involved in the management and development of the company.

SHRM believes in a tailored service to each client’s individual wealth planning needs and objectives.  We have a dedicated multi-lingual team who are constantly striving to ensure that these goals are achieved to the satisfaction of our clients.

Financial Services

SHRM is a niche provider of financial services and solutions. Our commercial knowledge and experience creates opportunities to utilize the benefits provided by offshore financial centers in corporate structuring, tax planning, wealth preservation & protection and cross border investment.

Global Network

We have a global network and established business relationships with banks and professional firms in major financial centers and offshore jurisdictions which provide our clients with the necessary resources and expertise to achieve and exceed their specific business goals and wealth objectives. 

Regulated Entities

We are licensed and approved by the BVI Financial Services Commission (“FSC”), holding a Class 1 General Trust License, and we are a licensed Luxembourg Domiciliation Agent and Financial Sector Administrative Agent, through the Luxembourg Financial Services Commission (“CSSF”).

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